Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Shari.  I am Indiana grown and transplanted to the amazing state of Texas.  I have been baking cakes, cookies, and desserts for my family for years and have shared with plenty of neighbors.  The best part of baking is watching people take their first bite, see their eyes roll in delight and ask for more!  I started a home-based baking business in 2013 to make extra money doing something I enjoy.  I decided to take my baking skills to the web and offer some yummy, home-made treats that you can enjoy and at a great price!  I try very hard to make everything from scratch so that you’re getting the best!  Friends have asked why everything tastes SO good.  The answer is simple…everything is made with LOVE!

(Local deliveries/pick up only.  Baked goods cannot be shipped…sorry!  Gotta stay legal)

Food Handler Certificate – Shari Smith – Sep 5, 2014

Cottage Food Operator Certificate – Shari Smith – Sep 5, 2014




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